October Newsletter 2014

Director’s Corner

At the end of the month, Halloween will be here.  We have our own special event planned for this time of year. At the preschool we do not actually celebrate Halloween, instead we celebrate the time of year, the Harvest. It’s the season when crops are gathered from the fields and typically begins in autumn. The teachers pick an idea that relates to the harvest and then decides on a costume to make. The children and teachers make the costumes here at school. Then we gather together on Halloween day and walk to a parent’s house in the neighborhood. I will give the parent the treats and they will hand them out to the children. Then we walk back to the preschool. We ask for parent participation to go along with us on the walk. So if you can arrange your work schedule to accompany us, we would enjoy having you come along. This is one of the children’s favorite days at the school! Please do not send your children to school in their Halloween costume, we will provide them with one. The one they make in class!

Chapel is going well with the children. The little ones are really enjoying our stories and the older ones are starting to get into going to church again. This month the children will hear about: Jonah and the Whale, Jesus and the Fishermen, and the Good Samaritan. The songs children will learn this month: “Jonah and the Whale,” “Fishing in a Sailboat”, and “Thank you Jesus”.

I have decided to have Ms. Rita teach the Rainbow fish class to give them stability. Ms. Kim will be back early November and Ms. Debbie will resume in her class. We may have Ms. Maria work for a few weeks in the Rainbow Fish class if her foot is healed. Ms. Dina did not work out. I apologize for all the changes.

The Dolphin Class will have a visit from The Shield of Faith School of El Monte. We started a Reading buddies program with them last year and it proved to be a good educational tool. Children from the second, third and fourth grades from their school come and read to your children in the prekindergarten. The children get to see older children practice good reading skills which promotes literacy for your children.

Parent Education Workshop
Title: “ The Effects of Television on Young Children” When: Monday, October 20 – Time: 6:30-7:30
Where: Guild Room
Presented By: Marriage and Family Therapist: Natalia Hughes
There will be a posting, if you would like to attend the meeting.
Special event
Fire Department will visit the children on October 16 at 9:30 am

Happy Autumn!

Dolphin Class News – Ms. Debbie

Teachers Corner

Thank you to all the parents that came to “Back to School Night”. I enjoyed sharing the goals for the Dolphin Class. The children have been adapting to our schedule and learning our class rules. I want to emphasize the importance of treating each other with respect and kindness, which helps to build self-esteem.  We have a lot of stencils, tracing cards, lacing beads, and cutting activities that the children really seem to get involved in. The children are developing hand eye coordination, left to right movement, tracing and cutting skills.

We will make costumes to wear at the Harvest party and parade on October 31st.We hope that you can join us for our walk.

This Month’s Activities

We will begin to learn about the season of autumn with songs, stories and finger plays. Ms. Rita taught the children “Five Little Bats”. She choose five children to stand in front of the class, holding a bat made out of construction paper attached to a craft stick. The children recited the words of the finger play “Five Little Bats”. Each child that is holding a bat has a few words to say.  This teaches the children how to say a story in a left to right movement and help strengthen memorization.  It also is a lot of fun!

One of the songs we will learn for fall is “Autumn Leaves are Falling Down”. The children sing this song as we toss silk leaves in the air. At our science center we will have pine cones, acorns, and leaves for the children to look at with our magnifying glass. Our dramatic play area will include pumpkins and vegetables and become a farmers market.

We will continue to play group games that will help with listening skills, turn taking skills and improve following directions. One of the games that the children have enjoyed is calling a friend’s name and rolling the ball to that friend and saying something kind about that friend.

Rainbow Fish Class News –Ms. Rita

We join the Pre-K class at 9:00 in the morning for snack and a circle time.  Then we go outside to play. Afterwards we go into the Rainbow Fish classroom, room 3.  We have another group circle time together.  We are currently working a lot on building language skills with the children in the class.  We have these really neat picture cards that I hold up for them and ask them to name the picture on the card.  If they do not know, I tell them what it is and ask them to repeat it.  One child can name many objects in Chinese.  I then say the word in English, which teaches them that the word is pronounced differently in two languages.  We have been singing songs, which also help our language skills.  One song, “Who Came to School Today?” is helping us to learn one another’s names.  Singing songs is a very fun way to encourage language.  It also introduces rhyming sounds and syllables, which is an important part of early literacy.

This Month’s Activities

We will begin tray tasking the week of October 5th.  This is an activity where a child completes different tasks that are set up on a tray.  These tasks enable the children to move from left to right, which connects the right part of the brain with the left part, which develops each side to perform the tasks they are designed for.  It promotes pre-reading and writing, since the body and brain are connecting concepts in a left to right motion.

The children also enjoy playing play dough, watercolor painting, and building the marble game.  We will be making costumes for our Harvest parade.  We are going to make apple costumes.  We will walk to a nearby home of one of the families in our school.  It is going to be fun. The children and I enjoy working on puzzles together.  We practice taking turns and talk about the pictures we see in the puzzle. We will make some autumn crafts this month, such as marble painting leaves made out of construction paper and gluing orange and yellow tissue paper on poster board to make an autumn collage.

I hope everyone has a great month of October!

Ms. Rita
Starfish Class News – Ms. Frannie

Teachers Corner

In September, the children learned their classmates’ names and got familiar with the school routines.  They are learning their friends’ names by singing “Where Is Thumbkin?” (changed to child’s name) and learning how to greet to each other by singing a “Hello” and “Good Morning” song to every individual child.  The Starfish have enjoyed singing many songs with hand movements such as: “The Wheels on the Bus,” “If You’re Happy and You Know It,” “ABC Song”, and “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.”

I would like to thank all the parents who attended Back-to-School Night.  It was nice to meet all of you.  For those of you who did not attend, please check your parent file folder for a copy of the goals.  Our class goals, daily schedule, lunch/snack menu, weekly lesson plan and monthly themes are posted on the parent board in class.  Please refer to lesson plan to see the details of our daily activities and the different learning subjects planned for your preschoolers.

This Month’s Activities

Harvest time is getting near!  The children will be making their autumn leaves costume in class for their Harvest parade.  On Friday, October 31st, we will celebrate the harvest with a class party and a walking parade to a nearby friend’s house to collect treats.  It will be a lot of fun!

In October, the children will identify differentbody parts while playing a listening game called “Simon Says Body Parts.”  This game teaches children the names of different body parts and how to listen and respond to simple directions.  The children will also  learn about the five senses.  They will use their sense of touch to feel different textures. Some examples of activities are using paint with smooth shaving cream and painting with rough salt, smelling different scents, garlic, lotion, etc., tasting different flavors, salty cracker or sweet cereal, hearing different sounds of instruments with our ears, and seeing many different things with our eyes.

This month the children will learn about community helpers and the jobs that they do.  I will use hand puppets such as police officer, firefighter, and teacher to talk about their jobs.  I will teach a new song called “Hurry, Hurry, and Drive Your Fire Truck” and demonstrate to the children how to play a role as a firefighter.  The children will also learn how to put toys away after they are done playing.  At the beginning, I will remind and help the children to clean-up their toys together.  I will engage the children in a fun way through singing a clean-up song or sorting the toys by colors.  It is a good skill for your child to do at home as well.  He/she can practice putting his/her toys away first before getting a new toy.

Ms. Rita – Assistant Director

Hello Everyone!

Happy Autumn Everyone!

I would like to encourage all of you to order some books from our monthly Scholastic Book Club. Every month I will put out order forms. You choose which books you want to purchase and fill out the forms and turn it into the office with a check or money order.  You can also order online and pay with a credit card and they will ship the books to the preschool for you to pick up.  There is an online parent order code: HTR6B.  Every order gives the preschool bonus points with which we purchase books for the preschool.  It also starts a life- long love of books and reading in your children.

Thank You,

Ms. Rita

Seahorse Class- Ms. Beth

Teachers Corner

At Back-to-School Night we discussed preparing students for future success in pre-reading and pre-writing skills through our tray tasking center, circle time activities, and books.  I have a funny story to share with you about your children.  After snack and lunch time, the children usually look at books while we wait for all of our friends to finish eating.  A couple of weeks ago I noticed something.  The children had positioned themselves along the wall, each of them holding a book.  One child called, “I’m driving…everyone get in the car!”  The “reading car” had become a fan favorite during our class library time.  What a fun and imaginative way to promote literacy!

This month we will discuss Harvest and autumn themes. New vocabulary words for the month: sweet, salty, gourd, pumpkin or acorn through using our “What’s missing box? And “What’s in the box?” games.

We will have our annual Harvest Walk at the end of the month to one of the student’s houses, where they are given treats provided by the school. We will make a class costume to wear on the walk, namely gingerbread cookies if you would like to join us on the walk, you are certainly welcome.

We have begun tray tasking activities in our manipulative learning center. We started with stringing lacing beads and using the buckle boards. It’s going well and the children are enjoying it. The children learn to use both hands in conjunction with hand tracking which leads to reading and writing. It’s a fantastic way to foster success and encourage accomplishment.

Planned art projects are leaf rubbings and nature collages that capture the changes in nature and explorations in science. Parents, this is a great time for trips to the park to see the trees change. It may be an opportunity for a play date with a friend. Another October theme is Community Helpers. I will use literature such as: Dot the Fire Dog and Hurry, HurryFiretruck. A science project we want to do this month is to use spray bottles to put out tissue paper fires and also firemen string art. It should be great fun!