Office Manager

Arcadia Episcopal Preschool is opening the position of Office Manager, effective
June 15, 2023. The duties include:
 Computer, Quick Books and ADP understanding
 Collection and recording of tuition payments
 Close association with the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles
 Preparation of financial reports for the Vestry of the Church of the

Benefits for health and insurance are administrated by the Diocese. Wage
depends on qualifications and starts at $25,000 annually. Interested applicants
should contact Senior Warden Melody James at [email protected].
A detailed list of responsibilities will be available to applicants. The Church and
Preschool address is 1881 South First Avenue, Arcadia, California, 91006. Full job
description here.



Student Files:
1. Follow-up on a regular basis on any open items in student files at the Director’s
2. Remove the files for students who have withdrawn and note the exit date on the
outside of the file. Place file in the closed student files.
Accounts Receivable (Tuition):
1. Work with Director to survey area preschools regarding tuition fees and other
costs. This is a basis for budgeting and tuition increase discussions.
2. Bill tuition and other related fees (i.e. registration, application, tuition deposit,
summer program fees, late fees, etc.) based on schedule selected on a timely
3. Record tuition received and write receipts for payments as requested.
4. Follow up on all unpaid balances and send appropriate reminders to the parents.
Notify the director of such items for further follow-up.
5. Refund Tuition Deposits to withdrawing families on a timely basis.
1. Deposit all receipts on a timely basis into the Checking account and being aware
of cash deposit limitations on the account.
2. List student’s last name next to the check number on the duplicate deposit slip.
3. Transfer funds, as needed, between the Money Market and the Checking accounts
online and record in QuickBooks (QB).
4. Refer to QB for the details deposits, transfers, interest, etc. for the all accounts.
5. Reconcile bank accounts at month end and forward copies of the statements as
1. Make out time cards on a bi-weekly basis.
2. Calculate time worked for each employee and enter amounts into the Time Card
Summary spreadsheet. This is the basis for entering and calculating payroll in
ADP Workforce Now.
3. File completed time cards once payroll input to Automated Data Processing
(ADP) is completed.

1. Review bills received, check extensions, payment terms, etc.
2. Prepare a check request for each bill received.
3. Enter check into QB and run the batch on Thursdays. Place checks in the church
office for signing.
4. Evaluate spending in relation to the budget on an ongoing basis.
Employee Files:
1. Prepare files with all necessary forms and checklists.
2. Follow-up on any open items with Director.
3. See that employee’s emergency information is complete; and employee’s extra
clothing are on the premises.
Licensing & Insurance:
1. Recognize license renewal dates and prepare necessary forms, with any updates,
for the State. Make necessary fee payments.
2. Update insurance information during renewal periods and make the appropriate
premium payments to the church when due.
3. Have knowledge of pension and other benefit plans offered by Church Pension
Group (CPG).
4. Explain any changes in the benefit plans and their effect on the employees on a
timely basis.
5. Assist employees in enrolling in insurance and pension plans through CPG on a
timely basis.
6. Update the Employee Roster on the CPG website as necessary for changes in
Fund Raising:
1. Facilitate fund raiser activities in conjunction with the Director.
2. See that all appropriate information has been distributed to the parents.
3. Receive orders and money for project and issue receipts to parents.
4. Make orders to the fund raising company and make any necessary payments.
1. Complete appropriate reports for the respective agencies (i.e. IRS, Commission on
Schools, etc.).
2. Prepare monthly financial statements and notes for the Vestry meetings and send
to the Senior Warden electronically.
3. Keep an inventory of all equipment and educational materials n the school.
4. Open and distribute mail, following up on any items needing further attention.
5. See that supplies are purchased when needed and stored appropriately.
6. Supply financial information to Director as requested.

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The curriculum is play-based, allowing children to learn through hands-on activities and learning centers.

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The curriculum is play-based, allowing children to learn through hands-on activities and learning centers.